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  • Best Sommelier Rhone-Alpes-Cotes du Rhone
  • Ex-owner-sommelier restaurant 1 macaron* Michelin « Château de Chateaubourg » 6 Km From Tain L’Hermitage
  • Speaker and trainer in wines and cheeses from France, since 1988 Areas of South East Asia, China, Japan, India, UAE, Middle East, Mexico and Argentina
  • President and founder of the Association of Sommeliers in the Rhone Valley (Section Drome Ardeche)
  • Voted One of « Top 10 Women of the Year » who have made news in 1980 by the magazine Marie Claire and the Ministry of Tourism
  • Winner of the Gold Medal of the courtesy and Tradition French National Federation of Industry, Trade and Economy
  • Named « Woman of Substance of year 2000″
  • by Asian magazine « Wine and Dine »
  • Correspondent for France Magazine of Korean wines WINIES (Seoul) since 2002
  • 2004 Vice President of the Association WOMEN-VINE-RHONE.2005 Vice Chairwoman of the Brotherhood of the « truffe » of Mount Ventoux and Venaissin County.

« A storm, nay … a hurricane, this young woman! His curriculum vitae would have several pages of this book. Let’s just say it is both winemaker, restaurateur and hostess, who graduated first aid air sommelier consultant to export gold medal courtesy of the French and the Tradition, Delegate for Tourism, vice President of the Young Economic Chamber of Valencia, she has chaired numerous boards and a regional association of sommeliers, she speaks four languages, gives lectures abroad, has a passion for opera, photography, tennis, skiing and rally car (twice the assistant manager of Air Paris-Dakar), Etc. ..
80, Daniele Raulet-Reynaud was just one of the ten « Women of the Year » voted by the magazine Marie Claire. His vocation for wine came from his grandfather winemaker in Cathar country, in the Corbières. Surprising in its memory tasting flavors (it tasted especially with the nose, it was lovely), she was pushed to enter the contest for best sommelier in the Clos-Jouve Henry, president of restaurant critics. An event at the time! Similarly, she had the nerve to pass him the best steward and to win. Very chauvinistic, it will make you above all share his passion for hot … … .. «

Excerpt from Patrice de Nussac
« The secret diaries of the best sommeliers »
Editions Albin Michel


Danièle Raulet-Reynaud Maître Sommelier USDF 20, Avenue Général de Gaulle 84230 Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Tél : 06 16 48 61 87